02 September, 2012

This could happen

The problem with so many modern dance styles (popping, krumping, b-boying ) they are amazing to look at, if what you are looking at are the creme de la creme dancing their top performances. Yet, for most of us, there is just no way we would everever try it out. There is just no scenario where the musc is playing and the people are dancing and I'd break out, let's say,  krumping.

The wall you have to jump over in order to start dancing these dance styles is so high, it must make it almost impossible for the normal dude to participate. Maybe it is meant to be so; you have to have some street cred before you can do the dances. I've always thought that dancing was meant to be done by all. 

If you watch the top video a few time, don't you think there just might be a possibility that Azonto is something we could do? Not the expert version of the video, but the swishing of the foot and the hips beginners' version. A beginners Azonto that would let you join in, without looking totally ridiculous.

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