15 September, 2012

Doing your watch well

Don't you love the poetry of machinery? The wish to carry on tradition? The beauty of craftsmanship well executed?

Towards the end of the video, John Kristensen, the proprietor of the press is asked if he is not saddened by the inevitability of dimise of his profession. He responds, "No. I am just here to do this watch." Implicit is doing his watch well.  You could say this about living a life well, couldn't you?

My project today is to make up a set of luxe moo cards. They are for a new e-learning business English training program I am hoping to launch in another four weeks time.

I've been using moo products since they started years and years ago. They are one of the few online companies whose product quality has remained excellent. (I am not being paid in any form to say this. I just want to give praise where praise is do.)

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