30 November, 2011

My next dream job

Oh, did I laugh at this video. So very 1970s, don't you think? And to all you readers out there not from Germany... the type of jokes and bits of humour in the video are not typical of what passes for humour here. Germans can be really funny. Honest.

That all aside, wouldn't you love to work on the project? I would. 260 people employed on the project currently... wonder whether they need 261. I've never liked watching model landscapes, but I'd love to build them.


  1. You are so very busy these days. Happy holidays to you....and are the kids coming home?

  2. Mage, I am actually out of service at the moment (bad back), so I am reading my way through slews of books on my to-read self. Thanks for the holiday wishes. Son's due to arrive for xmas. Daughter's here and helping her mom cope with not being very mobile. Lovely Christmas lighting abounds in our town. Will have to see if I can find someone whose made a photo.