29 September, 2011

Anniversary Overlooked

I just realised that I forgot my sixth-year blogging anniversary. My heavens, how could that happen! Many marriages don't last that long.

And, yes, the first flush is long over. The "is this all" hit the wall, was rather messy, but I managed (hopefully) to clean it up without anyone noticing (thank you Charlotte and Kristi for your help on this occasion).

It almost makes me teary to think of all the ups-and-downs that I experienced over these six years. Would I start a blog today knowing what I know now?... to be honest, probably not. Would I want to miss out on blogging, no matter how sporadically it has become?... definitely not!

Directly connected to all approximately 1,200 blog entries are the nearly 250 collages I have made. It boggles my mind... here are a good slice of my favourite collages. (I know, you've seen them all, but I thought it would be appropriate to post the slideshow once again.)

I have met great people through my blogging, have developed deep and meaningful friendships, discovered brilliant ideas on other blogs, explored a lot of my inner landscape, and probably left behind the most important document in my life for my children to explore at their risk some time in the future.

Long live the internet!


  1. Happy 6th Blog Anniversary, Lilalia! Glad you are are still with us. And I loved seeing the collages again.

  2. Congrats! Glad to have been with you at least some of the way!

  3. Wow, six years! I think I started 'yogagumbo' around the same time and obviously I didn't last as long as you have! Congratulations! I always love everything you post (especially your collages....)

  4. I hope you'll forgive the belated well wishes. I'm glad you blog and that your collages brought me to you and that they continue to make my eyes happy. Thank you.

  5. Six years as a blogger! Wow - congrats! And I love your collage slideshow! You are very gifted.