18 May, 2011

Facebook Offline

The Offline Social Network (HUNGRY BEAST) (by abchungrybeast)

What I like about this video is how the whole concept of social media sites like Facebook really doesn't make much sense if you remove it from the online world and into IRL. The idea of poking and befriending and message wall... Strange. Recently, my family Facebook group announced the death of a relative on our Facebook wall. It doesn't appear that anyone but me felt this totally inappropriate.


  1. i actually did think it weird, but then again maybe not considering it's the only way we all connect in general?

  2. Great video! I guess I said everything else in my comment on your last post :) Oh, and I would feel the same way about a family death if it was someone I was close to and they could have called me.

  3. When my mother-in-law died, my husband posted some photos of her as a tribute, but only after everyone involved knew about her death...