19 May, 2011

Bitter Sweet, But Oh So Dear

OK, another Guardian gem:

"Randy Newman gives an exclusive performance of his song Losing You and talks about the difficult events that inspired it."

There is also a wonderful article, a fine piece of journalistic writing, that accompanies the video. Do enjoy.


  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Thank you for posting this beautiful song and interview. Listening to the song reminded of why Randy is a great American songwriter and musical historian: I think it's going to rain today; Sail away; Baltimore; Louisiana 1927. (My mother has his original LPs in the garage.) One of the advantages of aging is web surfing with meaning and intent. Randy's Baltimore led to another take on his song by a great songwriter, Nina Simone, and her song "Feeling Good." (With over 5 million hits.) Someone out there is listening....


  2. Kathy, To think of that LP in your mother's garage. Lovely. Hoping this finds you in good spirits and full in the middle of a sunny spring.