27 February, 2010


Right across the corner from where we live (cc from Rene Schroeder)

Luebeck on top (cc from Gregorius Mundus)

Photo cc from avianto (I used to work (happily) in this building situated on the Luebeck harbour overlooking the city)

The ice is melting creating riverlettes of running water into flooded streets. It is so exciting to get back to "normal". Off walking with a friend. This is a complex activity of decision making (roads or muddy paths along the canal), lots of talking (getting-everything-off-your-chest sort of stuff), and a quick pit stop at a flower shop/café for a warm cup of hot chocolate. Ah, blissful normalcy.


  1. Every time we got a new dump of snow everyone complained that the city wasn't spreading grit down, so they frantically spread whatever they could before the next one came along. Now that it's all melted we have some walkways with 5cm thick layers of grit. Of course the solution would have been to have residents shovel the snow away in the first place, but that would have been too much effort. Now we have this crud laying around for the next few weeks.

  2. It's lovely. From here I can see you walking along the canal but not the grit on the paths. I can smell the coffee but not the cold winter smell. Lovely.

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