31 January, 2010

Lights of Vancouver

One of my sisters has lived in Vancouver for about 30 years now. My other sister moved British Columbia last week. She and her partner, or maybe it is just her partner, accepted a new job running an eight-unit motel situated in the mountains an hour outside of Vancouver. Another friend, K., was visiting friends in Vancouver two weekends ago. To them and all the rest of you, a beautiful time lapse film for you to enjoy. Stunning. It is not hard to imagine why Vancouver always rates as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


  1. Aaah. Beautiful. A lot of these images look like they were taken last year when Vancouver was enveloped by this amazing fog and from certain vantage points you could only see the top of the skyscrapers peak through, it was pretty amazing. Ideally I would live IN Vancouver, but I cannot work in Canada, so for now I am happy to be only an hours drive away. Vancouver has my heart, thanks for sharing this lovely little film xo

  2. This film has certainly been making the rounds, and yes, it is gorgeous! And wow, you have family here! Have you been here for a visit, or plan to come in the near future? You seem to be quite the international family.

  3. This is definitely not the remedy for a homesick West-coaster...

    That motel - is it in Squamish?