09 May, 2009

Just By Starting You Are Halfway There

All of the talk in the last weeks about how the Obama administration has been doing, has been focused on "what have they done" and not allowed for a more broader sweep. This video might be interesting to those of you who want to know how some municipal governments are globally tackling some of the problems due to urbanization.

This might also be good time for all of us to take a look at how we are doing and what we are doing to make the changes we so demonstratively spoke about not four months ago. What are you doing now that you were not doing at the end of last year? How have things changed for you or your community? How are you creating positive and constructive change? I would be really interested to know.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could report more progress, but so far it is just a lot of talk. It is ludicrous that Arizona hasn't gone completely solar for energy because we have sunshine at least 360 days a year. There are some businesses and homeowners that have solar panels, but I don't think the city gives rebates for installing them.

    The utilities do give rebates for installing energy saving heating and cooling units and for installing low flow toilets.

    Perhaps when the city gets the money from the government I can report more progress.