01 May, 2009

High Brow, Low Life

I was just about to write a post about a new video I saw in Lawerence Lessig's blog. Even though the talk is rather lengthy, it is well worth making a cup of tea and watching it from start to finish. It is a talk he gave at Warner Music. Then my son sent me this blog post that made any observation I could make superfluous. I tend to agree with Mr. Lessig in all points, which does not indicate he is right in all matters, but rather, it means that I am not qualified to make any intelligent counterpoint. I didn't agree with Radio Clash, but admire the fact he argued his points well.

Instead of embedding the Lessig's presentation mentioned above, here is something you might like... Can't explain it, but I am so annoyed with the whole Twitter hype of the last months, it really caught my fancy.

1 comment:

  1. I love it!!!! I posted a video on Twitter a while back and it pretty much defined my take on twitter.