22 March, 2018

Best Idea Ever: Maid Marian Tax (rebate)

As a working mother who has worked for the last 35 years and someone who is very conscientious that there was never any pay parity in the positions I worked in, I have an idea about what can be done right now to erase the bitterness and resentment in the hearts of all working women of my generation. I would like to introduce an idea I am calling The Maid Marian Tax (rebate)*. This is how it works.

For all Millennials and post Millennials who are currently employed and paying income tax, there should be a box in the income tax form that asks “How many years did your mother work?”. Depending upon the number written down in this box, the applicant would receive a sizable tax rebate according to the years their mother worked without fair pay.

Not how much your mother earned. Not what level of education she received. Not the number of employees under her management. No, none of that. Just how many years did she work.

If I knew that my son and daughter would receive financial benefits for the rest of their working careers because of all the years I worked and toiled for less pay than my male counterparts, that would still the beast in my belly roaring, knowing I will never see the money that is morally owed to me. I would be happy to know that all children of working moms would know their mother’s contribution continues to influence their quality of life for a long long time ahead.

* The reason I call my idea the Maid Marion Tax comes from the RobinHood Tax campaign (sometimes referred to as the FTT (financial transfer tax)) that started 8 years ago. Please go to their website and sign the petition.

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