28 December, 2017

Current Podcast Favourites

This afternon I was enjoying some end of year podcast listening. It is strange how my playlist is constantly evolving.

The last time I wrote about podcast favourites was in 2013 (1,2). So much has happenend in the podcasting world since then! Surprisingly, the only two podcasts I still listen to are Writers and Company and On Being.

My podcast app has about 40-50 podcasts on it at any time. Though the podcasts on the list are always changing. I will give a new podcasts a few weeks or months and then if my heart does not go pitter patter when a new episode appears... I unsuscribe. 

There are some podcasts that my son recommended and their content adds regularly to our conversation over the last years. Most noticably:

Hello Internet (I've been a fan/Tim since the first episode)
Adam Savage's: Still Untitled
The Nerdist

Then there are those podcasts that I share with my daughter. She is a loyal listener and always up for a debate or discussion on social issues:

Stuff Mom Never Told You
Still Processing
Code Switch

And others that I plain love:

Politically Re-Active
The Nod
The Daily
Pod Save America
Adventures in Finance

I have drastically reduced any time spent on social media sites since November 2016. I was so disgusted with the time I lost following the fiasco of the last US election that I deactivated, cancelled or put these sites on the back burner. This has opened up a lot of time to travel and listen to podcasts.

Hoping your year 2017 has been kind to you.

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