22 April, 2017

How to make the perfect cup of tea

One of the most delightful aspects of living in Germany is their cafés. Every city and town has numerous cafés to while away in. They all serve a wide selection of beverages, though admittedly, most fuss is made around coffee. Unfortunately, the majority of people working in cafés are not tea drinkers and therefore they often make a miserable cup of tea. I’ve lamented this fact over and over again. This is what prompted me to make these three videos.

I’ve tried to keep the tone light and not be too disparaging about the current state of affairs. I might add a video in the future about “what not to do” when making a cup of tea, so I can out my bitchier self. Things like: don’t put the lemon slice into the boiling water before the teabag, or if the tea cup is so small that the tea bag takes up half of the space – the tea is going to be bitter…. The possibilities are endless.

I’m going to work on the German version soon. So, if you have the time and see any mistakes or needed changes, please write a comment. Thank you for your help.

Hope you enjoy watching the videos. 


  1. How delightful to see you...to find you. One year, a long time ago, my computer died and I lost you. Thanks to your note, I have found you again.

  2. Lia, thank you for these -- so beautifully produced and enjoyable to watch. I couldn't agree more! I think good coffee also has a lot to do with preparation (the correct grind, water temperature, steeping time and such like), but most cafés have worked this out, whereas many have not done their homework when it comes to tea. Let's hope your message spreads far and wide!

    Very best,