08 March, 2017

International Women's Day

There was once, and occasionally is,
This being inside of me wanting
To burst out of my shell and become
Tarzan, or Peter Pan, or Batman.
To exit alongside my heroes
Running wild, doing brave deeds.
So far away from where I live,
So close to where my heart beats.

Never acknowledging the world
Will never tire trying to stop
Me from moving forward.
The force of its hate, dismissal,
And rejection, so prevailing;
Making it mightily difficult
To keep my young legs pumping
Along the path I travel.

Why can I not recognize
The difference between me
And my heroes? It is not
In scope or strength that our
Ways depart, but in that
One word, that I am, but
Don’t own. That word that
Seeks, but is rarely spoken.



  1. Beautiful and powerful poem.

    Check out the photo on my IWD post in Upward. Perhaps you have already seen the tamer of the bull on Wall Street, but if not, it's worth a look.

  2. Tam, I hadn't seen you post, but did see the tamer... I've been thinking of you these last weeks.