17 December, 2016

Walkie Talkie

Years ago, when the children were small, I had this need to escape the chaos of the house on occasion. Inevitably, I would end up calling a friend of mine who lived around the corner and ask her whether she wanted to go for a walk. My husband called what we did, walkie talkies, because there was a fair amount of both of these activities going on.

Here we are now, over twenty years later still sharing the daily going-ons. What a treasure a long friendship is.

(The photo above is taken just around the corner from where we live in the city.)


  1. How lovely a scene! I used to have similar walkie-talkies with a dear friend until she moved away, and I still miss them.

  2. Marja-Leena, there is much joy and healing in telling stories or discussing daily going-ons outdoors. I think speaking thoughts out loud in such a setting lets the wind catch the words and carry them away.