10 October, 2016

DB Blogger in residence

Any one who has read this blog knows I am a long time fan of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB for short). It is a running joke in my family, my unerring loyalty to the German train company, but they also joke about how I possess good DB karma. When it comes to the DB, my belief in its greatness has been reinforced a thousand times.

My son sent me this article about how Amarak in the States is now installing writers in residence in their trains. Isn't that the most brilliant idea!

I came up with an idea of becoming DB blogger in residence. I could write posts about traveling around Germany in trains. I could entertain foreign travellers with stories of places I visit, people I meet along the way. 

I  could describe the different types of trains that run north to south and east to west; from the super sonic to the meandering milk runs. Then there are the cultural intricacies such as: why Germans pack a lunch whenever they take the train: football, rowdies and police crowd control with the DB: bilingual announcements during train trips: Oktoberfest and funny looking passengers...  The list goes on and on.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make this dream job come true!

Suggestions appreciated...

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