08 May, 2016

Photo/story II

Write the first thing that comes to mind when you see the following photo.

My grandfather’s garden bordered on a wide river near a dam. There were tall grasses on the river banks in his garden leading down. Water lilies carpeted the quiet shallow waters.

The lilies hide the painted turtles from the hot summer sun.

My sisters and I would lie still in the grass trying to sight the turtles. We’d search for their nostrils floating up on the surface of the water.

Occasionally a frog would go plop into the water and scare us with the noise.


  1. This idyllic scene reminds me of the previous lakeside home that one of our daughters and her family lived in for a while...with the dock and the waterlilies, along with little fish and ducks.

  2. It is nice to know there are such places in the world and your daughter and her family souls were expanded by their surroundings.