27 December, 2015

Stack of books

I've been doing a series of creative exercises these last months. The inspiration to do this came from working on Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist journal. It's absolutely fabulous way to spend some time in the morning.

I like the idea of doing some creative work every day because I believe creative solutions require creative thinking. And secondly, creative thinking does not necessarily stem from innate talent, but primarily grows from practice.

Thought I would share with you in the next while the results of some of this creative work. These exercises are simple, fun, mind-expanding and heart-felt. They will make me smile, laugh and sometimes wonder at my brilliance. Hope you enjoy.

This exercise from the Steal Like An Artist journal is fun.

I took a stack of books from my bookcase and drew a sketch of them. Then I made up a poem using the words in the titles.

What am I doing here?
On Noah's ark.., a lonely
Anthropologist heading to
Mars, or is it Gaglow?
I sit, on the black hill
Of some foreign land,
Innocent of the tiger
In the grass, seeing only
The angels and insects
All the while writing letters
To a young poet I met
A long country year ago.

(The source of the exercise is referenced to Nina Katchadourian)

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