27 May, 2014

Every day is filled with feelings

I just loved the ideas and thoughts these people share with us about how they define beauty.

When I was a young woman, there seemed to be so much attention on beauty. Usually, it was about how women should try hard to be beautiful. The measures of beauty were determined by outer forces; mainstream media, fashion industry, and, at that time, the femminist movement. I was never very comfortable with any of it. Neither was I familar or comfortable about the concept of "my inner beauty". I navigated my way through my 20s, 30s, and 40s doing as best I could do, though never feeling truly beautiful.

This video does well in showing what beauty is and how to feel it. It says we can be beautiful showing momentary strength of character or by feeling the beauty of a breeze on our skin. Inward. Outward. It's all one.

Now that I am older, maybe it is time to redefine and rediscover my beauty. What do you think?

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