22 September, 2013

Off to sit on a cushion

I'm off  in a few days time to sit on a cushion away from the day-to-day distractions and all online contact. Sometime people ask why anyone would do such a thing. Louis C.K's story of sitting in his car at the side of the road and allowing himself to experience sadness and happiness, is as good an explanation as possible.

By the way, his explanation about smartphone use and children, is also quite brilliant.


  1. This is fantastic. More and more I've been separating from my phones, with dedicated times that I DO NOT check them - and those times are becoming longer and longer. While I don't have a life where I can just completely abandon smart phones, it does feel good to separate myself from them as much as possible. The down side is I'm taking fewer pictures of my daughter so I need to start carrying a real camera around!

  2. Courtney, it is strange how we have all become so attached to our various smart phones, pc, tablets, etc. How could it happen without our knowledge or permission.