18 August, 2012

Mixed Messages

My husband bought a new shower gel from a very internationally known soap maker (think niv-ia) with a brand name Powerfruit, Relax. Really, power fruit relax... not power fruit energise, or serenity fruit, relax, or think about it... fruit... do we need fruit in the name at all? Is there ever any fruit in soap?

Did anyone attend the marketing meeting when they were coming up with this name? If so, have you ever heard of mixed messages?


  1. What a granfather. No to the name too. Yes, friends like that are precious. Nope, I usually read from my google reader. Lately I have taken to deleting. Oh, the horror of it all. LOL

    Welcome home again.

  2. Hey, Mage, good to hear from you. I still read your blog religiously. Not much commenting... sorry, life has taken a shift now that I am working freelance. Long work weeks and not enough time to attend to my blogger friends.