31 August, 2011

Fashion Dork

Somewhere along the way from metamorphosing from a child who liked to climb trees and didn't give a thought to whether my socks were matched or my t-shirts were on the right way around, and becoming an adult who was trying to make herself as attractive as possible the James Dean types out there, I missed a critical step... learning about fashion.

Last Friday I attended my first fashion show. Actually, I attended the general rehearsal for that evening's fashion show. I spent more time wondering what drives the (amateur) models to want to become models than I paid attention to what they were wearing.

1 comment:

  1. That's a charming video, and I cannot believe I didn't leave you a note about it.

    Question: Have you ever been to the Lubeck Thingplatz? I'm writing a short article about Things, and I wondered what you knew about it.

    So glad you are having such a delightfully busy summer. We will be glad to have you back once the weather worsens. :)