10 April, 2011

Come Outside To Play

We had the most lovely of warm sunny spring days today. As I sat on a park bench with my eyes closed, I heard the voices of all my childhood friends calling me to come outside to play. The residues of winter, dead leaves and broken branches, not quite vanished from the corners of the garden. Buds on the branches. Discarded jackets littering the lawn. We ran around crazily, wildly; pure joy.

What I like about this video is the playfulness. How they could take a simple idea and translate it into something that visually matches the beauty of the music note for note. Do enjoy it, my dear friends.


  1. Wonderful video! I do love the sudden burst of spring craziness!

  2. Have missed so many of your posts...
    You speak to my heart
    Life is too busy

  3. One Woman's Journey, thank you for always come back to this blog. I also sense many similar topics of interest.