07 November, 2010

Sounds of Failure

Yesterday, I mentioned listening many hours to my backlist of podcasts and watching videos and how inspiring I find all of their content. One of those podcasts is Radiolab and one of the series of videos is PopTech 2010. Today's post combines them both with this presentation by Jad Abumrad. 

In the video blurb they write that "He uses sound to explore ideas and share stories", but I think this video has more to do with the letting us listen to and delight in the sounds of failure.

Do enjoy!


  1. I used to enjoy RadioLab, but the bells, whistles and pop-up noise turned me off after a while. More substance and less style might do them better.

  2. Later today, I'll fit it in.

    And too, you stirred up Ronni properly. Thank you. You know...I had just finished writing that I was happy. :)