31 August, 2009

New Fund Raising Event Format

A have this friend in the States who is one of those straight-out-stand-tall type of women that I so admire. She is helping the people I work with in Kenya and me figure out what sort of activities we can undertake to find sponsors and donators for our various projects.

Recently, she told me how many people she knows in the States are organizing private fund raising events. The idea is to find a nice location and then hold a brunch, lunch, or dinner where everyone gets to eat and enjoy themselves for free, and they donate a certain amount of money to a cause or organization in return.

I thought I would give it a whirl and set out to give a private charity tea party the last Sunday in September. We are going to try and raise money for the Community Breakthrough Support Mission, so they can make a down payment on some land for their new school.

One of my favourite restaurants has generously offered to let me use their restaurant (they are closed Sundays) and they are donating the coffee and tea. Friends have said they will bake cakes. In this culture of homemade Black Forest Chocolate Cherry cakes, the cakes promise to be very special indeed. My son and two friends are going to man the massive steaming espresso machine and whip up cappuccinos, espressos, latte machiatos (sp) to dream for. My daughter and a few of her friends will do the serving. I’ll either be out front circulating amongst the guests ever so calm and suave (not my forte) or be in the kitchen washing the dishes (most likely scenario).

The reason I was attracted to this private charity event, is that the amount of work you invest and the amount of risk that the whole thing will fall apart are minimal. A graphic designer friend made up an invitation. I sent it out to all of my friends and their second cousins. At the moment it looks as if there just might be a healthy-guests-to-cake ratio attending. Last week, before everyone was back from their summer vacations, it looked as though there was going to be more cake than guests… which possibly still might happen. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

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