20 July, 2009

Early Morning in Montreal

Jetlag has woken my daughter and I up to a very early morning sunrise. All the other people in the household are sleeping and will probably continue to do so for a few more hours yet. It is, after all, summer in Montreal in a household of teenagers and teachers. And, even though my friends work veryvery hard during the school semesters, it is a life of luxury in the summer months. Visiting teachers who have lots of time off, is the best way to wind down quickly.

Normally, it would take a day or two for me to get into the flow of being on vacation. This has something to do with the chaos we left behind in Luebeck after packing at the last moment and the guilt of knowing that the to-do list on the dinning room table still had all sorts of items not checked off.

On this trip, we instantly became easy with all plans or non-plans. It's been delightful. I love Montreal. Especially, on a morning like this one, when the sun is shining and the cafe down the street is beckonning.


  1. How lucky you are!!1 It's a lovely and interesting city!

  2. What a wonderful morning you've described! Have a terrific vacation. xoxo