07 June, 2009

Making chaos beautiful


Quiet weekend. Friends dropping by. Good food. Find conversations.

Managed to do some cleaning up of the mountains of paperwork that plagues my conscious. Actually, a friend and I decided on Friday that we are now formally giving up hope of becoming good housewives. Instead, we are going to make our chaos more beautiful. As of tonight, the large piles of papers that crowded the bookshelves in my work area, are now all nested inside of decorative boxes.


  1. your lovely blue and white collage is the perfect picture to look at today. It's another hot day here and it cooled me off.

  2. Darlene, it was there to cool you off and here to make us remember what summer can be like. Raining cold days at the moment.

  3. Great idea, Lia. My problem is that while I can live with my own chaos, I find everyone else's (children's, husband's) hard to bear. If only they too could make their chaos beautiful!

    Glad to hear you had a happy weekend.