02 October, 2007

Behind Close Doors

I live in Luebeck: one of the most enchanting cities on the Baltic. Or, at least this is my opinion after living here for nearly twenty years.

We live on the island itself. Every corner you turn there is a magical blend of old and new architecture. I took these photos of doorknobs while walking to a café this morning.

Luebeck was founded in the 9th century, though there have been people settled here since the last Ice Age. So, there is a lot of old. There are also many fractions that wish to preserve the history of this UNESCO heritage city.


This means if a house owner wants to install new electrical system, they are allowed to put in new wiring, but they have to use all the old bricks and beams again. They place all the material (see photo above) in bags to be used later. The poor house owner. The lucky brick builder specialised in antique techniques.

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  1. You make me remember how much I loved Lübeck for its appearance when I was there in 1983. What a marvelous collection of doorknobs.