17 December, 2005

When They Start Hanging

I overheard a fun conversation on the bus this afternoon between two elderly women (60-70 years). They were dressed up and on their way to the Christmas party. I suspect their hearing aids were turned down, because the front half of the bus had no difficulty hearing what they said ...

At one point in our journey, the bus drove by an elaborate store window display of evening wear. One of the women comments about the evening gowns and how they skimp so much on the material around the bosoms that it is impossible to wear a bra.

Her friend responded with the observation that once our breasts start to hang down, loosing their battle with gravity, it is time to use “support and lace” to handle the situation. Though she personally enjoys a bit of freedom and goes braless when she is working in her garden. She assures her friend, it is ok to do this because it’s only she and the birds that can see.

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