20 December, 2005

Holding on by the Skin of my Teeth

One more day of work and then two and a half weeks of vacation! I can hardly wait, for I am completely stressed out: though, on the brighter side, quite a few good developments have begun to show in two or three of the school projects.

In particular, two teachers whose students are doing pilot blogging projects at their school, have told me that they are seriously considering two further, long term blogging projects. The scope and timeframe of these new projects are bigger and longer than the present ones.

I am particularly pleased that the teachers were not discouraged by the mediocre, in my opinion, results of the students in their present blogs. The teachers were very sovereign about the initial outcome and optimistic that the students would eventually understand the essence of blogging with time and exposure.

Tomorrow, I am taking a train up to Kiel with a high school teacher, who also teaches at the University of Kiel, with her 9th grade students to present their project. I will give a presentation about our research project. It is going to be a long day.

If all goes well, I plan to be decorating the Christmas tree with my dear-hearts tomorrow evening, after having indulged in a warm meal and drunken a fine glass of red wine. Bliss.

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