03 December, 2005

Christmas Wonderland

Luebeck is an old town by European standards: the city was founded approximately 900 years ago. Its medieval architecture creates a perfect Christmas backdrop or cultural wonderland: music events, art exhibitions, Christmas market, etc. abound. I love this city at this time of year, for everyone tries to outdo each other, in a very northern, understated, but fine, manner.

Even the cynics/ Scrooges/ Bah-humbuggers, like me, have a hard time not to be cheered by the lighted candles, classical music, spicy smells, and people milling around enjoying each others’ company.

This person invited a brass orchestra to play in his apartment for the delight of all the passing shoppers.

The Christmas Mark in the town centre is in full swing. Mulled wine (is that the right expression), roasted almonds, and traditional baked goods are sold to masses of Scandinavian tourist from dawn to dusk. Heavens, can those Scandinavians drink! I’ve heard they can even drink the Aussies under the table. (Now how is that for exposing two stereotypes?)

Local goldsmith uses his living room centre piece each year in his shops window. Yes, aghast, it is a real stuffed reindeer. But done ever so tastefully, don’t you think?

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  1. Christine9:13 pm

    Liebe Lia, gestern war ich mit Jakob im Heilig Geist Hospital, wie in jedem Jahr. Er kennt sich inzwischen dort fast genauso gut aus wie ich. Und nach zehn Tagen in diesem uralten, wunderschönen und während des Weihnachtsmarktes rappelvollen Gebäude erlären die freiwilligen Helferinnen von "Frau und Kultur" einem achtjährigen Jungen immer noch liebevoll, wie eine Wachskerze aufgedreht wird. Ich bewundere sie. Der schönste Weihnachtsmarkt in Deutschland - wegen der Frauen. Christine