07 December, 2005

Foul Mood

Why is everyone in a foul mood this week? Grumpy, scratchy, horrible puss faces abound.

In Everywoman this week they debate the following:

“Tall people – do they achieve more?

Did you know that the Netherlands is the tallest nation of people in the world?

Well according to research from the Scottish Universities of St Andrews and Stirling, they will have higher paid jobs, be more ambitious, and less interested in having children.”

Never having been able to use the term tall in relation to my person (except for that one time when I was travelling through China), this sort of talk makes be feel very inferior, or small… huh, maybe they do have a point.

I finally discovered an index of interesting German blogs in the Brigitte magazine. Looking forward to subscribing to a few.

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  1. Hi.

    ..found this via technorati.....

    please find your way to the real german blogg-community.

    for ex. here u have a counter of most visited blog - from there fly blind through blogrolls :-)


    - Greetzregierung.