27 January, 2006

Personal without being Intimate

Yesterday, I realised that there is an aspect of blogging which can be very beneficial to relationships which are in stalemate. This aspect is the fact that blog entries can be personal without having to be intimate, and therefore it enables the reader to share the blogger’s thoughts without feeling the necessity to respond in any way to the content matter. If the reader feels inclined to respond, fine, but it is not a prerequisite as it is with one-on-one communication.

My sister wrote to say that she has been experimenting with blogging and, kindly, sent me the address. She is not so certain where the blog is going (welcome to the club), but is enjoying the process. She apologised for the fact that her ex-,not-so-ex-, pseudo-ex- partner is still ever present in many of the blog entries.

She apologised because she and I have no consensus about her relationship to this woman. After seven years, I am just hoping her partner will disappear from the face of my sister’s world. My sister has a much more moderate/naïve (who knows) view. Reading an email from my sister about her struggles concerning her partner is excruciating. Reading a blog entry is not. Rather it was a liberating feeling to know just how much her partner figures into her thoughts, or not, … and to know I don’t have to think or respond at all.

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