08 January, 2006

Knocking Ankles

I went off skating today with my daughter and friends. The skate rental counter gave me a pair of those white girlie skates that we had when we were children. My heavens! Can you believe the same model has been around all these decades?

So, I laced on the skates and manoeuvred my way through the crowd of adults standing around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes (Sunday is after all family day) until I got to the rink.

I glided over the ice with my ankles knocking together and remembered how, ions ago we would always tease the kids who skated so. There was one boy in our neighbourhood who skated with his ankles so badly bent that his skates were positioned parallel to the ground. We are talking about Canadian children: who are born with skates tiny feet and hockey pucks in their mouths.

Not liking where these reminisces were getting me, I went back to the rental kiosk and got myself some modern (i.e. plastic, no laces, total support) skates.

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