07 January, 2006

The Joys of a Sharp Knife

Is there anything like a fetish for sharp knives? No, I am not thinking of anything kinky, just for cooking. I just went on a binge and bought myself a new kitchen knife: a thin, long blade with a weighty wooden and steel handle. Bliss.

The salad this evening is full with all sorts of condiments. Definitely not the usual fare; I tend to mix different types of lettuce leaves, but keep it sparse when it comes to the frills.

Now the other trivial question, after the one about the knife fetish, is whether different cultures have different salads? Now, I am not talking about your typical Greek salad in Greece, or Cesar salad in Ceasar… but more, do the typical salads made in the German, Canadian, Zambian, Indonesian households differ from each other?

Such thoughts do beat de-flossing my bellybutton.

To all a good night.

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