28 January, 2006


Some of my favourite in-laws are due to come here later on today. I have eight brother-in-laws or sister-in-laws: all with partners (except one brother-in-law) and most with a selection of children. It makes for a wealth of personalities, conflicting dynamics, and continuing stream of gossip.

It’s nice to have such a vast selection of in-laws because I can pick and nurture Favourites. Yes, from a political point of view, or even from a Christian point of view, this is just not done. I am well aware of that. But, from my limited viewpoint it is a delight to be able to pick who I like the best from a whole slew of candidates. It’s like participating in a televisions series of “Family Super Star” and I am the jury, audience, and sole voter. What could be more fun?

Most of my friends have a durst of in-laws: an occasional brother-in-law or a niece living in a city far away. What a pitiful situation this is. Often, my divorced friends continue, through desperation, to nurture relationships with ex-in-laws. And everyone looks on and smiles a frozen smile of insipid sympathy, instead of just leading their friend away to find a new life. If she is lucky, she might discover a whole new pool of in-laws where she can choose Favourites.

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