13 March, 2006

Taking the Plunge

Finally bit the bullet and set up the new computer at work, which has been sitting unpacked in the corner for the last three or four weeks. The only reason I haven’t fired up the new mean-machine is the fact of having to set up and configure everything again. No matter what anyone says (i.e. one of the computer science students who convinced me to take the plunge) it is hours and hours before the computer is in the same condition (good or bad) as the last computer was: let alone proving what a fine thing it is and thank-heavens-aren’t-you-glad-you dumped the old computer.

It doesn’t matter that everything is faster or “prettier” (e.g. new keyboard) or even bigger (e.g. memory: which is a good thing because my “organic hard disk” is suffering these days, let me tell you). A half a day of work lost and the thing is only chugging along slowly. Still have to install a long list of programs, download other programs, set up some program options, make up my desktop… ok, all just minor things, but still very annoying!

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