11 March, 2006

Mess of Slush and Snow and Dirty Water

We have had just about sort of precipitation in the last two days. What a mess the streets are in.

It was reported in the news, that there have been hundreds of car accidents in the last days. The city workers are on strike. Tension mounts.

Though, my experience is, the number of accidents are not necessarily solely do to the poor road conditions, but bad winter drivers. Theyjust don’t “get” how zero visibility, icy streets, and grimy slushy slippery conditions, can force you to drive more slowly, or even cancel plans for an outing. It is like people here just do not want to believe weather rules.


It’s birthday party time today. Off to buy some balloons and other kitschy decorations. Our daughter turned eleven this week.

Today’s party agenda is: 14:00 guests arrive, birthday cake and cookie celebration, watch Spy Kids I on DVD, out to our local Italian Ice Cream Café for ice cream, Spy Kids II on DVD, short break for party games (accent on short), off to restaurant for children’s special, parents pick up their daughters at 19:30.

Older Brother of birthday girl (our teenage son) decided to hold a DVD marathon with two or three friends today as well. So, he is: a) on his own with all the arrangements (e.g. food and drink), b) going to have to do the shopping for both parties, c) keep the volume down, and d) all of the above. The answer is, of course, d. If they manage to comply with good grace, they might get some of the birthday cake, which will substitute for lunch.

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