09 March, 2006

New School Project

There is a great new web cooperation and mobile learning project in the works. One of the English teachers in a local high school wants to substitute/replace/augment the whole tenth grade English year curriculum (currently taken from a school book) with a project which would enable the students to study and qualify for the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate). At the end of the school year the students would receive their normal school grades and an application form to write their Cambridge BEC in a separate institute.

If all goes well, all four parallel classes will be participating in the project. The students will be blogging all their assignments and research work. They will also be using KiMM software, Moles and Mini Moles, to create multimedia interactive questionnaires and go out on mobile learning field trips (e.g. European Union trade policy bare bones: where does the shelf-produce in your local supermarket come from?).

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