01 March, 2006

Candy Snatchers II

This is just a follow-up to the candy snatching city workers episode, which was included in my last blog entry.

The regional section of our city’s newspaper also remarked on the dubious behaviour of the men-in-orange. Apparently, they were not there on an extended coffee break, which is what I had assumed, but was too polite to mention in my blog. No, instead, they were there officially, on tax payers’ money, to clean up after the parade.

It is not often that we wee citizens witness the unbridled enthusiasm of our city workers: obviously, these gents decided to get a head-start on their clean up duties and began scooping up the candy even before their wrappers could be discarded by thoughtless littering children and other parade spectators.

Yet, to be fair, these gents, or their colleagues, do a fantastic job of cleaning up any evidence of foolhardy messy joy-making after all the numerous public celebrations (i.e. a city of parades and outdoor markets and fairs) throughout the year. You should see, for instance, how fantastic they manage to make the city streets look after New Year’s Eve. Roads that were previously a sticky mess of cardboard remains (from all the firecrackers) and littered with empty bottles or broken glass, return to pristine condition within a day of the celebrations.

So, to all the city workers of Luebeck, here’s one tax payer who says, “Snatch all the candy you want out from under the nose of children, you’ve earned the privilege.”

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