20 September, 2005

Ultimate Cocktail Cure

Beautiful day today. Been a bit of a whirlwind of a day. Introduced a new project to a grade 13: interactive web presentation on the theme “my start in the work world”. Held a short workshop with another teacher (grade 6 teacher) about blogging. Don’t know why, but came back just drained of energy.

I wanted to go to the fitness club this afternoon for a work out and a yoga class, but decided to just “work slow” at the stuff on my office desk. I’ll go off soon to the sushi place on my own for dinner.

I have been reading some blog-posts on the Freakonomics blog by a fellow called Seth Roberts. There are parts of what he writes which sound, to me, very strange, but other parts have really triggered thoughts about individual energy flow, weight loss or gain, and basically … how to live each day in observation and reflection while trying to overcome those problems .battled year in, year out.

The way I interpret his philosophy (might be the wrong word here)/ premise/ hypothosis is that in order to come up with the right ingredients for that ultimate Cocktail Cure to our personal maladies, don’t count on well-tried or tested recipes. Instead, work out, through self experimentation, what your recipe is yourself. Use intuition, suspicion, advice, tradition, knowledge, just plain anything… try it and record or register when something helps or hurts the problem. And once you start seeing a pattern or notice what helps, take the next step and see what happens then.

What I like about the whole notion is that it means that I do not go to a doctor or a counsellor or friend, etc. for a cure to my problem, but for new input for something that might help. It is up to me to figure it out whether this new something is, or is not, helping; and then take appropriate steps otherwise.

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