18 September, 2005

Sunday Evening

Finished reading for the umteenth time, the last book of the Mary Stewart Merlin trilogy. Now I am going to start on the second part of the Tintenherz trilogy. At long last…. been four days now since I bought the book.

A dear friend wrote to say that the second breast surgery was completed. She is going to have to have radiation therapy, but no chemo and she doesn’t want to do the hormone supplements. Oh, how I hope she does well.

The German elections results are not shinning at all. Liberals (SDP) 34%, Conservatives (35%), Green 8%, FDP (?) 10%. The FDP (yellow) says they will not agree to a "street light" coalition (red (SPD), yellow, green). So it looks as though it will be a large (SPD and CDU) coalition, which means no opposition party. Ugh!

I am sooooo happy that the conservatives didn’t come in with a majority though. Who are they kidding; do they really think the liberals are responsible for the current economic problems and not the Kohl government of 16 years before?

There appears to be over 70% turnout…. pretty good.

Why can’t Bush be impeached for his lack of leadership and neglectful practices in New Orleans? If I remember correctly Clinton was nearly impeached for having oral sex and lying about it. Surely the perversity of Bush’s inaction and the ensuing deaths as a consequence also can be considered immoral…

My son has escaped into his sister's room to read and listen to the election results because I am writing on the computer in his room. She asks him to go through her French vocabulary list with her. He wants to know why I, her Mother, is not willing to practice with her. I tell her I am blogging. Priorities!

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