22 September, 2005

Farewell my Harbourview

Packing up my office. The students are helping (more or less doing Everything). The moving company is coming on Monday and so, we will be based out of our apartment until mid-week.

Praise to the most beautiful office complex in all of Luebeck, and possibly the world. Thank you for the endless sunrise silhouettes over the medieval city skyscraper. Wish I had taken a picture of one of those sunrises, but you can always go here (Media Docks) to get an impression.

Sniff! I will miss you! Farewell ol' harbourview.

The three women in the main office and the system administrator have been working like crazy packing away everything in the institute: in preparation for Monday's move. Feel bad that I haven’t been able to help. Going to go out and buy them extra chocolate for sure. Not that this will make them any less angry at all of us office slacks who have just been doing their day-to-day work and ignoring the fact that they have had to do that and all of the packing as well.

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