04 May, 2011

Why My Mother Is An Anglophile

One of the things that my mother and I used to disagree on when I was younger and Quebecois was how cats pyjamas the Brits are. She loved everything British. I less so.

Yet, the literature, the free London museums, and the Guardian has done much to make my views milder over the last years. But, it is Alys Fowler and her terrier (I believe called Isabel), who made me realise how Anglophilia is part craziness (in all the right ways), as it is a marrow transplant of fay. I love the fact that she looks incredibly elegant and happy in her garden, all the while having dirt under her fingernails.

If you wish to see more of Ms. Fowler's videos, do go... here.


  1. Perhaps our mothers of that generation were all raised to revere the Brits. Mine was too. British idiosyncrasies sure make us look dumpy. I saw a video on the Public loo's of London, and just the thought of it made me laugh. Nothing like that here.

  2. I do love the tradition of afternoon tea but I refuse to get excited about the royals. I think it's a bloodline thing. My ancestors fought against the Brits in Scotland as well as the Revolution.

    And Mrs. F. is indeed lovely!