15 May, 2011

Modern Haiku

japanese box2

Don't know if I mentioned my journey with Twitter... here's the short version. Joined. Found some people to follow. Was followed by some of them and few others. Basically didn't get it. Basically, thought I felt as if I was sitting underneath a waterfall of rushing information. This left me with a sensation of pressure building in my head. So, I quit. Walked away.

Journeyed on with no twitter, though lots of friends kept saying come back into the waters. Decided that rejection is not always the best consequence of critical thinking or social activism. So, I started to tweet again. This time, as a poet of modern haiku. If you wish, my twitter name is shortshortstori.

I have followers. Most who I do not know personally. It is a puzzle how they found me. It is also a delight.


  1. I just followed! Lovely!!!

  2. No Twitter here. There's only so much life. Facebook tho.

  3. I neither Twitter nor Facebook. I am a blogger and I'm even seriously questioning why I do that.

  4. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Ah, I'm on Twitter only occasionally.. but great idea to see it as a modern-day haiku.

  5. I do good to blog (my journal) :)
    So many times comment and for some
    reason it does not go through.
    But I am a fan of yours :)

  6. One Woman's Journey, how wonderful to receive your poem. A woman of many talents. It is distressing though to know you write comments and they don't go through. Please write me an email the next time it is so!

  7. No twitter. It just doesn't do it for me. Twitter offers a level of detail and intimacy with mostly strangers that I have no interest in hearing, nor sharing. I occasionally share on Facebook where I have 69 friends: with the exception of five I know everyone personally. And that's the whole point for me, living far away from most of my friends and family Facebook is a nice way to connect on a more frequent basis. I love and utilize technology but when I spend more time with virtual strangers than with the people I know, that's where my balance begins to feel off kilter ...

  8. Kerstin, thank you for sharing your perspective. It is a matter of trying to stay connected to people who live far away. After spending 30 years writing letters and emails "back home", I do find it odd that I can't embrace FB. Well, to each his own.