10 May, 2011

It Gets Better, Social Media with Ice Cream on Top

Sometimes social media and the people on the forefront do something that is just fantastic. "It Gets Better" campaign is one such case. All the hot shots are doing it...

Even the geeks are on the bandwagon...

In my university days, studying electrical engineering, any gay engineering student had to hide his gayness. Not because they feared being ostracized, but physically beaten. "Gay bashing" was a weekend pastime of some of the more seriously homophobic tech students. Just love this Google employee's video contribution to the campaign.

But, my real hero when it comes to stirring up the dust is Rick Mercer. Please look at the following two videos. Don't you just love a good rant?

And, lastly, Rick Mercer and a group of famous Canadian media people and artists.

To all you out there to whom this message is directed to... find someone today to help you, and don't wait until tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I will pass this on. The message actually applies to all teens....not just gays. I was the workshop chairperson for the San Diego chapter of the AIDS Quilt. For too many, it didn't get better. Now it is a joy to say that it does.