26 February, 2006

Sometimes a Gentleman, Sometimes a Bozo

Years ago, a friend of a friend explained how she was walking through Macy’s department store in NYC and she saw Richard Gere standing at a tie counter looking at some ties on display. She became so flustered at seeing him “Right Before My Eyes!” All she could think of was how desperately she wanted to find a way to make contact with him. On the spur of the moment, she decided on the Canadian Moose Maneuver, barged ahead, and literally rammed into him.

Now we are talking about a Big Gal here. I remember hearing that she played defense on a mixed basketball team. So, when she said she rammed Richard Gere, you have to think male moose during the mating season, not cute kid goat at his mother’s teat. Apparently, after the collision occurred, she breathlessly apologized to Richard Gere for bumping into him, and he said, “Not at all, the fault was all mine”.

Gosh, wasn’t that a graceful gesture on his part?

Then there was this article in the BBC news about Richard Gere accepting Havard University brass pudding award. To explain why he even came to pick up the award Mr. Gere said, "We're really all bozos on the bus. All of us, especially in this world and this country right now, when the biggest bozo on the bus is actually driving it."

Maybe he is not always the gentleman, yet he still manages to get things right.

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