01 February, 2006

Off to Visit one of my Favourite Teachers

Just about on my way to visit a teacher. Her class did a blogging/ podcasting project project, which has to be wrapped up.

I want to see whether I can interest another teacher at the school in a geography project, “Navigation over the last 300 Years”: from compass to GPS, from antique maps to smartphone navigation guide.

This is one of those schools which is suppose to be advanced in its pedagogical policies, but practically, the teachers don’t seem concerned about using digital media in classroom learning situations. They have a computer room in the school (Linux) and that is supposed to be enough.

The teachers I have dealt with do not see that their students have a great deficit when it comes to media literacy. Some of them are not even aware that there is a difference between media literacy and computer literacy. It’s an ongoing battle to make the teachers aware that they are responsible to teach their students in such a manner that the acquisition media literacy is intrinsic in their teaching methods (sorry very convoluted sentence).

I’m off to the school.

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