10 November, 2005

What to do…

I received an email from a friend of mine who wrote the following about my blog:

“Just revisited your blog site - it's disconcertingly like reading someone's diary but also a lovely sort of indirect connection, in at a tangent as it were. Should I send comments, is that the idea? And then whoever logs in gets to listen in on the conversation? I am not very familiar with blogs yet.”

The answers to her questions are yes, and yes. To anyone reading this blog, it would be nice to know your thoughts on the topics I write about. It’s not a must, just a can do if the notion hits you.

I know that my blog does not have a general theme and purpose as yet. I am sorry; it is going to take me a while to figure this out. Most blogs I like and visit have a political, social, or personal message. Mine doesn’t. I am very open to any suggestions.

Generally, blogs are public documents. At the moment I see my blog as an honest, humble, but important alternative to sending serial letters.

Don't get me wrong about serial letter, I don’t mind receiving them, but I sure do not like writing them. A blog is something that you can read if you want, without you feeling it is actually meant for you.

I like to share with friends and family some of the mundane incidents or conversations in my day-to-day life. Blogging is an opportunity for me to relive those moments, as well as for you to gauge where I am sitting on precarious seesaw between balance and chaos.

Hopefully, with time, I'll find some meaningful content to share with a public audience.

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