23 November, 2005

Mobile Advent Calendar

Our mobile advent calendar school project is starting next week. It is a organisational (nightmare) wonder. There are over a hundred 5th grade children participating in the affair, ten mentors (grade 10 students) supervising it, approximately 10 teachers involved, and that is not counting all the people involved “behind the scenes”.

Four groups of children, one from each of the fifth grades, new to the school and surrounding neighbourhood, go out each day during Advent equipped with PDAs, GPS, and digital cameras and open up specific doors and discover surprises behind these doors.

Not only are the fellow students and teachers of the school involved in creating surprises (e.g. Christmas carols sung in Latin, Spanish, French and English, poems) for the 5th graders, but the neighbouring institutions (e.g. museums, grade school, hospital, churches, and day care centre) also have prepared surprises.

You can imagine it like a mobile digital multimedia treasure hunt. That is, if these words mean anything to you. I had a brainwave for the project in September, and since December seemed so far away, I decided we should go for it this year. Silly. Why didn’t I take into consideration that we (me, the Old Fart, and some university students) are also supporting about fourteen other projects in the schools?

Thus, long work days, frazzled nerves, but there is definitely a tingle; which tickled me awake at three this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Definitely time to set in new tactics.

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